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Positively Kick Start Your Year!

Posted on 07 Jan 2011 at 7:21pm

Happy New Year to all my fabulous readers!  I just have a special feeling about 2011.  I have a special feeling about 2011 actually, as in England the new year is 1-11-11 (we do day/month/year) and 11-11 is very good luck with special promising vibes.

All that being said, I’m sure many of you have made New Years resolutions…as have I.  So I’m going to start my first post of the year with some random but highly effective bits and bobs, tips and mantras to go by.

1. Set achievable goals. I like to dial mine down slightly, so when I’m successful and go above and beyond my set goal, it feels incredible. My biggest goal this year is to save!! I opened a high yields savings account with American Express because I joined and they suggested it.  I looked it up and it’s pretty damn cool.  That’s all I’m going to say so that you check it out!  With all the bargains I find on beauty products, I should be saving buckets anyway.

2. Fitness, Fitness, Fitness. I highly recommend making TRX training part of your 2011 fitness regiment.  My next post will be about week 4 of my TRX training that I did just before the holidays, but I’ve been keeping it under wraps for this new year as inspiration. So here is my actual resolution: If I go to a building and the floor I need to get to is on the 3rd level or below, then I have to take the stairs!

Think about how easy that is and how a little can go a long way when it comes to burning calories. I use the same motto on escalators: I never stand still on them – the same goes for moving walkways in airports — gotta keep moving!!

3.  New haircut / color or eyebrow tint. Yep, reinventions are not only for when you have a break-up.  Start a new year feeling different and fresh with a new look! I have short hair and many think that doesn’t leave room for change, but luckily I have the most fantastic hairdresser in London and she created me a whole new look for 2011.

I call it the “sexy neck look.” If a haircut is too bold, why not get a new hair color, eyebrow tint or get bangs cut in? In Los Angeles I like to see Jerry Park at Barracuda or any stylist is incredible at Toni and Guy Salon in Santa Monica.

4. Spiritual Healing. Keeping to your goals can be stressful, especially during our busy day-to-day lives mixed with our careers. I would definitely add some sort of spiritual healing to your life.  Start by buying a book and making time every night (or at least a few nights per week) to switch off and immerse yourself. I love reading so much now!

It also helps me use my imagination and create my own lovely shiny future to manifest.  You can also give yoga a try. It’s not all hot rooms and people letting gas out by mistake, I promise.  It doesn’t even need to be costly.  At Runyon Canyon in LA, they have a daily FREE class which is brilliant.

Or…find your inner master and join a meditation group. I tried a group in Los Angeles at 7122 Beverly Blvd. suite E. It’s by donation, so it’s all up to you how much you want to spend. Sometimes I don’t like being vulnerable in front of a group, so downloading a guided meditation to your life is also amazing. It’s just about finding that time to be by yourself, centered and at peace. I find it the hardest thing to do at times, but as each year goes on, I learn a little more how to shut off a little and it’s magic! I also prefer doing my “Om’s” and rather strange chanting in the privacy of my own home.

5.  Do something new every week. It’s just a little mantra of mine – especially with fashion and beauty. I have a wardrobe full of clothes, yet usually I end up wearing the same outfits because I know they look good.  So my new trick has been to let my dirty laundry basket overflow. Why you may ask? Because then I’m forced to wear items in my closet I wouldn’t usually wear, and I always find fun new favorites.

I also have so many make-up, hair care and spa products, so sometimes they get neglected.  For my first week of 2011, I made it “red lip week.” I used Stila’s lip stain “Acai Crush” which is also a cheek stain for only $24 at  It lasts for hours and I just top it off with the original Vaseline to keep it shiny and moisturized. If a two-step process is too much, I use Stila’s Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Fiery ($22) which goes on beautifully and stays RED hot.

So, those are my few little tips for the start of the year.  2011 will be amazing, just be sure to keep them rolling all year round!  Remember to check out my website to see up to date news on MOI…and keep checking back to Positively Celebrity for more of my fun beauty blogs!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love and Light


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