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Miley Cyrus – Too Hot To Trot?!

Posted on 28 Jul 2010 at 3:53pm

Leave it to an 80′s pop star to set the record straight!!! In an interview with, former teen heart throb, Tiffany, defends Miley Cyrus amidst controversy that the 17-year-old’s image has become inappropriately sexy.  Tiffany not only commends Tish and Billy Ray on their good parenting skills but also says that Miley will have a long career.

So is Miley too sexy for her age?

The evidence: an (implied) topless photo shoot for Vanity Fair, pole dancing at last year’s TEEN Choice Awards, and a simulated girl-on-girl kiss during her live performance of “Can’t Be Tamed.”   And all of this before her 18th birthday. Scan-da-lous.

With these incidents, Miss Miley has certainly spent the past several years testing every boundary. But considering we live in a “sex sells” society, can you really blame her for showing some cleavage and for practicing her Spearmint Rhino set?

Miley has used as a defense her youthful naivety.  However, there is a certain responsibility that comes along with being a Disney kid.  Yes, I understand that she’s in her last season of taping Hannah Montana, but until that last episode airs, she is still a Disney kid.

Just as Cinemax represents all things adult, Disney represents all things youngster! It’s the wholesome, G rated escape on which many parents depend when this NC-17 world becomes too vulgar for innocent eyes and ears.

Children and tweens idolize Hannah Montana!  And while it’s the parents’ responsibility to teach their own kiddies right from wrong, children are heavily influenced by images they see on their favorite television shows. Duh!

Suddenly, posing semi-nude, dating a 20-year-old at 16, and dropping it like it’s hot becomes cool because Hannah Montana does it!?!?  Umm…not!!!

I think that Miley should (tastefully) embrace her sexuality as she becomes a young woman.  She does, though, owe it to the kids (and to the parents who funded their kids’ expensive Hannah Montana habit) to make clear the separation between her Disney days and her ascent into young lady stardom.

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